The more story, so far

How it started

More was born with the release of our Windows based bookkeeping software which we positioned as better than a spreadsheet but much easier than Sage.

By taking this to market, we had the opportunity to work with many leading firms of accountants as well as the accounting professions most influential consultants; Steve Pipe of AVN, Mark Lloydbottom of Practice Track and PracticeWeb as well as Ian Fletcher, Gordon Gilchrist and Chris Frederiksen of 2020.

Our business model was to distribute the software via accountants who licence the software to their clients for free, and we did that. Hundreds of accountants joined us and thousands of small businesses benefited.

The bookkeeping software is unlike any other because it was designed and built with the sole purpose of saving accountants time so they could add value; bookkeeping was a secondary objective. Our tagline was “making every second count” which was about using time more effectively to impact client’s lives.

The features and user licence was designed to get clients to deliver to their accountant perfect bookkeeping – complete, correct and on time. This included transactions correctly coded, the need to complete a bank reconciliation before a VAT return and licence terms that bookkeeping had to be kept up to date.  As a result, year end accounts are prepared in just a few hours. Firms that embraced the philosophy saw new clients come to them and dramatically increased their recovery rates from existing clients.

We invented the idea of bundling free bookkeeping software into a fixed price package and pricing bookkeeping on the transaction. But, more than that, we developed a commitment to helping accountants do more for their clients than basic compliance.

And then things changed

But, the market changed; Xero launched along with KashFLow, FreeAgent and other Cloud Accounting solutions. The competition was everywhere and moving fast and we weren’t fast enough. We fell behind and, although our software has a loyal following of users who love us, and we’re getting ready for Making Tax Digital, we’ve watched some users switch to Cloud accounting systems and our relevance diminished.

But, all the while we continued to innovate with the purpose of helping accountants do more for clients. And, we began to focus that innovation on software to deliver business consulting and coaching services.

What we did

In 2016 we started to develop a business consulting and coaching model along with the software but this time as a Cloud platform to deliver added value. With new software in place, the market is moving in our direction to enable us to win. The time is right for More to be a leader in the added value movement because accountants need to change their business model and add value outside of compliance.

Over the coming years, traditional compliance services will diminish as disruptive technology automates more and more of the work accountants have done. Adding value by doing lifestyle planning, business consulting and coaching will be the new norm for accountants.

More is no longer about finding the time to deliver added value BUT about the added value itself. And, we intend to be a leading added value brand as Xero is for accounting software. Our tagline is now “improving the numbers” which means More accountants are committed to making a positive difference, not just reporting the results.

Our technology enables entrepreneurs to envision their future so they can develop and Execute a Winning Strategy. Our target market is accounting firms who want their own branded business advisory platform embedded into their Website so they can do more for their clients.